Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Chocolate Redemption

About a week ago a friend and I made a "cake" and here is the link to her blog http://merrigankids.blogspot.ca/ 

Well after the cake incident I decided I needed to regain some lost dignity so I baked and frosted a super chocolate cake, I'm talking chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting!  Well it tasted crazy and awesome but my brother reported feeling sick after eating and I had a strange reaction almost as though I was allergic to chocolate and I was devastated but after questioning some of the other people who also ate the cake it turned out nobody else had any bad reaction to the cake.  So yesterday me and Fin returned to brave another slice and everyone was fine!  Still after the original report of unhappiness with the cake I was almost ready to vow to never bake again, now I think I might just take a brake on the chocolate for a little while.

I'm so relieved that my cake did not cause illness!

And after a little chocolate detox I was able to return with caution of course the crazy goodness that is chocolate.


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