Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time Away from the Blog

It has been two months since any effort has been made in the way of blogging and I feel no remorse. 
  I returned to New York City where I immediately became caught up in fall. All of my classes and general life has been keeping me busy.  Also now that the leaves are starting to turn everything is becoming pumpkin flavored and as one can imagine it is difficult to have time when I have to try all the new pumpkin-y things!  I also recently turned fifteen, I supose I should feel different about things now I'm older and wiser, well that has yet to happen. 

These are some photos from the trip back from Newfoundland to New York. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fingerless Gloves

Fall is almost here and the change in temperature has prompted some knitting.  Much to my mothers delight I actually made something! A pair of fingerless gloves.

Please note that it is very difficult to photograph one's own hand.

Especially when people invite themselves into the photo.

Once I return to New York I probably will have a while to wait to wear these new knitted gloves but since its been hovering in around twenty all summer my new accessories are perfect for evenings.

I'm also gearing up for the trip back and preparing myself for the long car ride with my mother (I love you mom!) and grandmother. By preparing I mean downloading music so I can pretend I'm traveling alone, possibly to somewhere interesting. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Accepting the Kale

Here are a few haiku about my newfound appreciation of kale:

Accepting the kale,
Even enjoying the kale,
With olive oil.

Kale is magical,
It might not taste magical,
But trust me it is.

As the date of departure from Newfoundland draws nearer I have began the semi annual list making and I've found my lists are vague about what I actually want to pack; under the entry pants one of the items is categorized as my "boring pants".

Here is a haiku to describe my current situation:

Organized at first,
But look a little closer,
You'll see the chaos.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some Pasta

You might have noticed that in my selection of pictures from last month one was of some pasta hanging out to dry.  I'm not sure why but one of my goals for this summer was to make pasta and after making some and realizing its not hard at all, I decided that I could make more.  

Here is the pasta drying on the rack.  I chose spare my blog's many readers (my parents) and not show a picture of the mess I made.

This is the pasta about to go into the pot.

This is it in the pot, look how well I documented every aspect of the process!

Here is the table all set! 

Special thanks to my mom for cooking it up and for letting me use so many eggs!

I have also been writing a boatload of haiku lately but I'm not sure how to integrate them into blog, once I figure out how, I will make it happen.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To Many Adventures!

Since Canada day (my last post) I have been slacking off with the blogging but that doesn't mean I haven't done anything in real life in fact the reason behind the lack of blogging is I can't really get what has happened over the last month together! There aren't many pictures and as the days have past I'mfurther  and further in the trench that I've dug for myself because now I am totally lost and can't remember everything and even if I could I probably couldn't piece it together for one blog post.   I'll just put all the photos I can find and let you guess about them! 

Ah relief! Now I can start blogging about more day to day things and stop trying to come up with ways to recap this last month!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day and even though the weather forecast was saying it was going to rain the sun still came out and I had a lovely day.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Chocolate Redemption

About a week ago a friend and I made a "cake" and here is the link to her blog http://merrigankids.blogspot.ca/ 

Well after the cake incident I decided I needed to regain some lost dignity so I baked and frosted a super chocolate cake, I'm talking chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting!  Well it tasted crazy and awesome but my brother reported feeling sick after eating and I had a strange reaction almost as though I was allergic to chocolate and I was devastated but after questioning some of the other people who also ate the cake it turned out nobody else had any bad reaction to the cake.  So yesterday me and Fin returned to brave another slice and everyone was fine!  Still after the original report of unhappiness with the cake I was almost ready to vow to never bake again, now I think I might just take a brake on the chocolate for a little while.

I'm so relieved that my cake did not cause illness!

And after a little chocolate detox I was able to return with caution of course the crazy goodness that is chocolate.