Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some Pasta

You might have noticed that in my selection of pictures from last month one was of some pasta hanging out to dry.  I'm not sure why but one of my goals for this summer was to make pasta and after making some and realizing its not hard at all, I decided that I could make more.  

Here is the pasta drying on the rack.  I chose spare my blog's many readers (my parents) and not show a picture of the mess I made.

This is the pasta about to go into the pot.

This is it in the pot, look how well I documented every aspect of the process!

Here is the table all set! 

Special thanks to my mom for cooking it up and for letting me use so many eggs!

I have also been writing a boatload of haiku lately but I'm not sure how to integrate them into blog, once I figure out how, I will make it happen.

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